Form I - Pre-Registration

IMUN 2020

To pre-register for the 26th Iberian Model United Nations Conference, please fill out the on-line form below. This form is due September 25, 2020.

We will be making delegation assignments based on the information provided here.


School Name
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MUN Director

MUN Director's Name (Responsible Adult)
MUN Director's E-mail
MUN Director's Telephone


IMUN 2020 will simulate four forums: General Assembly, Special Conference, Security Council and Historical Security Council.
In addition to providing your most accurate estimate of GA and Special Conference delegates, please indicate below if you have one or two students who are interested in and capable of being a Security Council or Historical Security Council delegate. Please also indicate if you have any students interested in chairing the GA or Special Conference. Please note that chairs must be experienced and capable, that there is a selection process for chairs and that applicants must also come prepared as a GA or Special Conference delegate.
Number of General Assembly/Special Conference requests
Number of Security Council requests
Number of Historical Security Council requests
Number of directors requested
Number of chair requests

Data supplied will be accessible to school personnel, IMUN and student officers and administrative staff on a need-to-know basis. The photographs provided will be deleted/destroyed within 30 days after the event ends.